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BougeRV Refrigerator Error Codes Meaning And How To Fix Them

A man and BougeRV 12V portable fridge

A man and BougeRV 12V portable fridge-1

To help you tackle the error codes quickly and enjoy cooling and freezing food and drinks using our fridge with ease, we provide a useful guide to help you understand BougeRV refrigerator error codes. With step-by-step instructions on how to fix them, you can quickly solve the errors. 

Moreover, we’ve covered the common refrigerator troubles and their solutions, ensuring you are prepared to tackle any issues that may arise with your fridge. Now, equip yourself with this valuable resource to keep your refrigerator running efficiently and effectively.

Let's delve into the short article!

  • BougeRV Refrigerator Error Codes And Solution
  • The Most Common Troubles And Troubleshooting
  • BougeRV Refrigerator Error Codes And Solution

    BougeRV Fridge E1 Error

    Meaning: Input voltage too low

    How to fix it:

    ①If you insert the refrigerator power cord into the car cigar lighter but it doesn't start, please connect the refrigerator later after the car starts.

    ②If the input voltage of the adapter is too low, please adjust the battery protection level to the middle or low level. However, please use a new adapter if the fridge still does not start properly.


    Meaning: Fan Problem

    How to fix it: Please replace a new fan when you confirm the fan malfunction.


    Meaning: Compressor Start up frequently Input voltage fault.

    How to fix it: 

    ①Condition one: E3 appears when using the fridge in the car, please shut down the fridge for 5 minutes and after that, it can work normally. If it still not works after the restart, it is an E1 fault, please go check E1 Fault troubleshooting and solution.

    ②Condition two: Adjust the battery protection level to middle or low level if E3 occurs when using the fridge at home. If it still doesn’t work properly, please change to a new adapter. 


    Meaning: Compressor turbine speed too low.

    How to fix it: Adjusted the input voltage and reconnect the power 


    Meaning: Controller chip overheating

    How to fix it: Shut down the power of the fridge for 5 minutes. After that, check whether it is an overheating caused by the blockage around the vent of the compressor. 


    Meaning: NTC opening or short circuit

    The Most Common Troubles And Troubleshooting

    1. The car refrigerator doesn’t work

    • Check whether the power is connected correctly or not (If the plug is loose, positive and negative poles are reversed).

    • Check if the power switch on the operation panel is turned on.

    • Check the cooling ventilation to see if it’s normal. Check whether the fuse is blown or not.

    2. Not cooling sufficiently

    • Check whether the door is closed.

    • The seal on the door cover is damaged or warped, and it is not tight. 

    • In the car refrigerator cooling, there is insufficient ventilation. Incorrect temperature settings.

    3. Abnormal noise

    • Some noises are normal.

    • Without properly placing the car refrigerator on flat surfaces. Or, the fridge hits the wall or other items.

    • Internal parts are loose or fall off.

    4. Condensation on the refrigerator surface 

    When the ambient air humidity is>75%, the surface of the box will normally have slight condensation.

    5. Temperature fluctuation/ problems

    • It is normal for the temperature to float in a certain range, and it is normal in the range of ± 5 ℃.

    • It‘s pretty normal that the temperature measured by yourself is 3 ℃ higher than that displayed on the screen.

    • If the temperature does not drop continuously, please adjust to the lowest setting and stay for a longer period of time.

    • Touch the inner wall of the refrigerator. If you can feel the cold, there is no problem with the refrigerator’s refrigeration.


      If an abnormal situation cannot be resolved through simple fault analysis, please contact professional customer service for assistance via

      To resolve the issue, you had better attach more details as follows in your email.

      1. The order number.

      2. Where do you use it?

      3. What power sources do you use?

      4. What power cords do you use?

      5. Set at ECO mode or MAX mode?

      6. What is the set temperature?

      7. How much food is inside? Is it empty?

      8. Do you notice any errors on the display?

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      BougeRV Refrigerator Error Codes Meaning And How To Fix Them