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    Learn more about 12V portable REFRIGERATOR

    A 12V compressor fridge is designed to keep food and beverages cold in cars, trucks, RVs, boats, or anywhere you would use a regular cooler. Our fridges are both durable and efficient. They can be powered by 12V, 24V, solar, or 110-250V AC power - perfect for life off-grid or camping. 

    12-volt refrigerators use refrigerants to absorb heat from the food. Then, the electric coolers use a compressor to extract heat from the food and to circulate the fresh refrigerants that keep the food and drinks cold.

    A 12V dual-temperature zone refrigerator can do everything a typical refrigerator can do - with the added bonus of being smaller, durable, and portable. 12V refrigerators can be powered by your car, electrical outlet, or a combination of solar panels and power stations. We have built-in shock resistance, plug-and-play capability, fast cooling, and some models have wheels.  

    BougeRV's 12V refrigerator keeps your ice cream from melting, your meat from spoiling, and keeps your drinks icy cold. It is convenient, reliable, efficient, and can be powered by solar. 

    While we understand that the price may cause hesitation, once you start using a cooler fridge, you’ll wonder why you waited so long! Ultimately, the decision is up to you and will depend on how often you socialize outdoors, camp, host parties, buy groceries, and spend time on the road. BougeRV offers a full range of 12V fridges and free pre-sale consultation, so you can pick the best 12 volt fridge for your needs.

    Absolutely! When you're looking to build your van, a van refrigerator should be your first target. Think about drinking a cold soft drink and eating fresh food on a great road trip with the convenience of a cool fridge. Every van needs matched equipment, so you can explore the world in both comfort and style with a 12v motorhome fridge.

    There's nothing like having a 12-volt refrigerator for your truck that truly brings the comforts of home while you are on the go. As a truck driver, it is critical to get hauled goods to your destination on time. You never know what hazards lay on the road ahead of you. The best thing to do is be prepared and bring a portable refrigerator cooler with you in case you get stuck in the wild.

    If you're camping in a tent or have a camper without a refrigerator, a portable camping refrigerator is a great solution to keep food cold. A mini refrigerator for camper can keep your perishable food safe and fresh, ensuring your family barbecue goes well. These cooler refrigerators are made for camping and outdoors and not being beaten by a rugged environment found in a motor vehicle.

    In most cases, a portable 12V DC compressor fridge, such as the BougeRV model, can run for approximately 70-100 hours on a fully charged 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery. Note: Actual runtime may vary due to factors like temperature, desired settings, insulation, and usage patterns. Consider a battery with sufficient capacity and implement power management techniques to optimize energy usage and maximize runtime.

    Yes. BougeRV portable refrigerators for vehicles come with 12V/14V DC power connections, so it's really easy to power the fridge through your car. And we recommend running a large portable fridge via a power station or solar generator to prevent draining the battery.

    It depends on the the battery capacity and rated power of of the refrigerator. If you have a 100Ah lithium battery and the voltage is 12V, then the battery storage capacity is 1200Wh. Calculating based on the power of a 12V refrigerator at 60W, it can run continuously for 20 hours.

    Yes, you can have a car refrigerator for your car. Car fridges are small and convenient appliances that can be put in your vehicle to keep beverages like cold drinks, soda, pop, and water bottles chilled while you are driving. You can buy a automobile refrigerator from BougeRV.

    Yes, a car refrigerator can work when the car is off. BougeRV plug in freezer for car can be powered by external battery.

    12V Portable Refrigerator