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Experience portable refrigeration with BougeRV 12V refrigerator. Keep your food and drinks chilled on the road, during camping trips, or while off-grid. Simply plug it into your car's cigarette lighter or a 12V power source for reliable cooling, wherever you go. Enjoy the convenience of having fresh food and drinks at your fingertips, no matter the adventure. For longer trips or extended outdoor stays, consider our dual zone fridge/freezers. We provide a 2-Year Product Warranty for all the BougeRV refrigerators, with an additional 2-Year extension if purchased directly from bougerv.com (Exclusive Benefit).

Cold beer is never late.
A 12V portable fridge can bring you a more vivid outdoor experience than a cold beer. All the 12V portable refrigerators freezers we provide are based on user needs, to be simple and easy to use when traveling, camping, or boating. Keeping your food and drinks from getting soaking wet by melting ice, our 12V portable refrigerator promise to be the smartest investment for your road life.

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"With our epic 12V Portable Refrigerator, you can enjoy refreshing cold beers with friends and family on the beach,in the woods, or in any gorgeous park! "

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Portable refrigerators are more cost-effective than coolers

"Compared to iceboxes and coolers, our Portable Refrigerators provide a longer-lasting cooling experience supported by their reliable AC System, enduring power grid, and user-friendly App design."

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