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Revolutionary Next-Generation Solar Panel Technology

Introducing the CIGS technology: From the molecular structure to your day-to-day benefits.

What are THE CIGS

— Copper Indium Gallium Selenide

Copper Indium Gallium Selenide ( CIGS ) is a ① semiconductor material.

* ①Compared with indrect-bandgap semiconductors, the direct-bandgap semiconductors emit light more efficiently because electrons can drop directly from the conduction band to the valence band without changing their momentum, which requires interactions that can drain away energy. In our case, mostly the light energy.

Its structure gives it an ② absorption coefficient of up to 105(cm-1) for visible light at about 1mm, superior to other battery materials. The absorption layer of CIGS thin-film cells only needs to be 1 to 2mm thick to absorb 90 percent of the sunlight.ading text.

* ②The absorption coefficient determines how deeply a specific wavelength of light can penetrate a material before being absorbed. For instance, light is poorly absorbed by a material with a low absorption coefficient.

At the same time, CIGS are constructed with ③ High defect tolerance, making them still maintain a high performance level even when there are defects or impurities in the material,
achiving a higher efficiency.

* ③Defect tolerance indicates either a low density of defects in the material or a relative insensitivity of functional properties to defects.

BougeRV CIGS Solutions

Thinner, Lighter, Better.


They don't require any additional mounting or aluminum frames. This not only improves aerodynamics, but also enhances the overall
aesthetics of your solar-powered setup.

360° Flexibility

Incredibly flexible and can easily be rolled up
for compact storage an transportation. It can
even be bent and adjusted to fit curved
surfaces without cracking.

Easy to install

The pre-assembled adhesive backing that eliminates
the need for brackets and drilling during installation.
No tools are required for an easy and hassle-free setup.

CIGS Product Recommendations

Not only did we make them smaller — PASO We also made them roll — YUMA

Full Bypassdiodesis

Each of our solar cells has an independent circuit, completely connected in parallel, which can
enhance safety and avoid the Hot Spot Effect.

*The Hot Spot Effect in solar panels occurs when
a portion is shaded, causing that area to overheat
as it resists the current from unshaded cells.
This can degrade or even destroy the solar cells.
To avoid this issue, it's crucial to prevent shading
on panels and use bypass diodes to divert the
current around shaded cells.


Our CIGS panels can absorb more light in low light are produce more energy conditions.

*The top electrode and CdS buffer layer have high transparency for wavelengths of 350-1250 nm to
minimize light energy loss and good conductivity
to reduce resistance-related loss.

Future Development
of CIGS Solar Panels

The future development of the Copper Indium
Gallium Selenide (CIGS) industry promises
advancements in solar technology.

Research is ongoing to increase efficiency and reduce
manufacturing costs, exploring new methods like
co-evaporation and nanoparticle ink-based techniques. Emphasis will also be on improving stability and
durability of CIGS solar cells. Advancements in thin-film
technology could potentially make CIGS solar cells more
viable and competitive in the renewable energy market. The transition towards sustainable energy sources will
likely drive significant growth in the CIGS industry.


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