The Best CPAP Battery Backup For Camping And Power Outages

Best portable power station for CPAP machines from BougeRV brand

Best portable power station for CPAP machines from BougeRV

If you sleep with a CPAP machine, you shouldn’t have to worry about a trip or power outage interrupting your rest. But that’s exactly what could happen unless you have a solid CPAP battery backup solution in place.

That’s where we come in. BougeRV’s portable power stations offer reliable power to keep your CPAP machine in working order no matter where your travels take you. Read on to learn more about how they can help and to learn more about some of the best battery backups for CPAP machines.

  • What Is CPAP Battery Backup?
  • CPAP Machine Types
  • CPAP Machine Watts
  • 3 Best CPAP Battery Backup To Buy
  • How To Choose The Best Battery Backup For CPAP?
  • No More Fearing Of Sleep Apnea
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    What Is CPAP Battery Backup?

    CPAP machines need the energy to function. In most cases, that energy comes from the outlet that you plug the machine into. But when that’s not an option, you need an alternative source of energy to keep your CPAP machine running.

    That’s what CPAP battery backups are for. These are battery-powered devices that can run your CPAP machine on nights when your normal source of energy isn’t working. They’re a good fit for camping trips, unexpected power outages, and other situations in which your normal power source can’t get the job done.

    CPAP Machine Types

    CPAP machines are technically just one type of machine that you can use to keep your airway open while you sleep. They’re the most common machine for this purpose, but not the only option. There’s also:

    • APAP Machines, which can raise or lower the pressure delivered as your breathing patterns change. This can lead to more comfortable sleep

    • BiPAP Machines, have two pressure settings and switch between them as you inhale and exhale.

    • Travel CPAP Machines, which are small and lightweight so you can bring them with you wherever your travels take you.

    The type of machine that’s right for you will depend on what your doctor says. So if you’re not sure, consider scheduling an appointment to find out.

    CPAP Machine Watts

    The amount of power that your CPAP machine needs to function will depend on the model that you have and whether it has a built-in humidifier. CPAP machines without humidifiers tend to consume between 30 and 60 watts of power per hour. But those with a humidifier can consume 70 to 100 watts per hour.

    It’s important to learn how much energy your CPAP machine uses before choosing a battery backup. That way, you can make sure to choose a backup battery solution that is capable of powering your CPAP machine throughout the entire night.

    3 Best CPAP Battery Backup To Buy

    The best battery backup for your CPAP machine can depend on when you plan on using it, how much power your CPAP consumes, and other preferences.

    At BougeRV, we sell a variety of CPAP battery backups to ensure we carry something for everyone. Below, we highlight three of our most popular CPAP battery backups & portable power stations

    1. BougeRV FORT 1500 Portable Power Station—-Best For Power Outage

    BougeRV battery backups for CPAPs are easy to use with one-button control

    The BougeRV Fort 1500 is a powerful CPAP battery backup with the largest capacity, fast-charging technology, and a compact, durable design. It’s an ideal product to have at home as a backup power source for your CPAP during a power outage.

    You can also use the BougeRV Fort 1500 as a travel solution. Its compact design and fast-charging technology make it an ideal way to charge your favorite devices, use small camping appliances, and power your CPAP at night when you need to do so.

    • Capacity: 1456 WH
    • Battery type: LifePO4 with safe BMS system
    • Outlets: 9 outlets 
    • Charge time: 3.8 hours
    • Weight: 39.7 lbs
    • LED display
    • Warranty: 5 + 2-year extended option

    2. BougeRV FORT 1000 Portable Power Station—-Best For Camping

    BougeRV Fort 1000 portable power station for CPAP camping

    The BougeRV Fort 1000 is a lightweight alternative to the Fort 1500 with slightly less power. This makes it a good fit for campers who want an easy battery backup to bring with them while on the road.

    Plus, the Fort 1000 is still strong enough to meet a wide variety of needs. For example, a single battery cycle can charge a laptop 17 times, a camera 75 times, or power a 50W fan for 24 hours. It’s also a low-noise device, which means you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors while you power your CPAP machine.

    • Capacity: 1120 WH
    • Battery type: LifePO4 with safe BMS system
    • Outlets:10 outlets
    • Charge time: 4.5 hours
    • Weight: 28.7 lbs
    • Running noise: low
    • LED display
    • Warranty: 5 + 2-year extended option

    3. BougeRV NCM Portable Power Station—-Best For Camping

    The BougeRV NCM Portable Power Station for CPAP machine

    The BougeRV NCM Portable Power Station is another excellent choice for campers. Slighter lower capacity than FORT 1000,  BougeRV is more affordable to have. It’s compact and quiet enough not to disrupt your peace at night. Made out of aluminum housing, BougeRV NCM portable power station is built to withstand harsh environments and avoid damage from drops and bumps. When you put it all together, you get a reliable, powerful CPAP battery backup with plenty of outlets to power CPAP machines and all of your favorite devices.

    • Capacity: 1100 WH
    • Battery type: Lithium-ion battery
    • Outlets: 10 outlets
    • Charge time: 4.5 - 5.5 hours
    • Weight: 30 lbs
    • Running noise: Low
    • LED display
    • Warranty: 5 + 2-year extended option

    How To Choose The Best Battery Backup For CPAP?

    BougeRV portable power station for CPAP with multiple outlets

    Now that we’ve looked at some of BougeRV’s best-selling CPAP battery backups, you may be wondering how to choose between them. Your process will need to consider several factors, including the ones covered below.


    First, you want to consider the amount of power capacity that a backup CPAP battery can deliver on a single charge. This should at least be enough energy to power your CPAP through the night. But you may also want to go beyond your CPAP power needs – especially if you plan on using the portable power station to charge your electronics when camping.

    Each of the BougeRV CPAP battery backups that we highlighted in the previous section has enough capacity to power an average CPAP through a full night of sleep and then some.


    It’s also important to choose a CPAP battery backup that’s quiet. You don’t want to disrupt your loved one’s sleep with a loud battery that leaves everyone tired the next day. That’s one reason why traditional generators typically aren’t a good fit for CPAP battery backups. Alternative backup power solutions, like the portable power generators sold by BougeRV, are quiet enough to ensure everyone gets a good night’s sleep.

    Input/Output Ports

    It may also be important to you to have enough input or output ports on your CPAP battery backup. But this will depend on your preferences. For example, you might be interested in charging several devices at the same time, like a laptop and cell phone. If so, you would need enough ports to make that happen.

    Input and output ports are less important if you just plan on using this backup battery to power your CPAP when necessary. But it’s always worth keeping in mind that your needs may change in the future. So more input and output ports are always nice to have.


    Weight is another factor worth considering as you evaluate your options. You want a battery backup that you can easily move around when you need to do so. Finding a lightweight solution will be especially important if you plan on bringing this backup battery with you when you go camping.


    Pricing is a factor that needs no introduction. You want to make sure that you get the best possible product at the lowest possible price to ensure you maximize the value of your budget. BougeRV can help you do that, as we sell our CPAP power stations at more affordable prices than the competition without sacrificing quality.

    Battery Life

    You can also think about battery life while shopping for a portable power station for CPAP camping and power outages. This doesn’t just mean how long a full charge will last. It also means how many charge cycles you can complete and still expect the battery to work.


    Finally, consider safety while choosing your backup CPAP power source. Electric and solar portable power stations tend to be safer to use than traditional gas-powered generators. You can use them indoors without worry and won’t have to continuously buy gas to use the backup source of energy either.

    No More Fearing Of Sleep Apnea

    As said, CPAP machines consume 30-100  watts, and BougeRV NCM portable power of 1100Wh is totally enough to run your CPAP for 8h sleeping hours. What's more, getting one power station that is more powerful like BougeRV Fort 1500 can run your CPAP and other devices simultaneously indoors and outdoors at any time. 

    BougeRV power station is your reliable companion during outdoor and power outages. Now check BougeRV's durable portable power stations!


    1. Can a portable power station run a CPAP machine?

    Yes, portable power stations can easily run CPAP machines. As long as your portable power station has at least about 750 to 1000 WH of power, it should be able to run a CPAP machine through the night without issue.

    2. How long will a portable power station run a CPAP?

    This depends on the portable power station’s capacity. The more watt-hours of capacity a power station has, the longer it can run a CPAP. That being said, most models that offer at least about 750 WH will be able to run a CPAP machine through the night.

    3. How do people with CPAPs go camping?

    You can go camping with a CPAP if you bring a portable power station along with you. These can power your CPAP machine through the night and don’t need to be plugged in.

    4. How do you power a CPAP machine while Boondocking?

    The easiest way is to bring a portable power station with you. These can power your CPAP machine through the night while boondocking without needing to be plugged in to function.

    5. How big a battery backup do I need for a CPAP?

    Any batter that has around 1,000 WH of power should be plenty for a CPAP machine. These devices use between 30 watts and 100 watts of energy per hour.

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