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A Quick Guide On Uses Of CIGS Solar Panels

A quick guide on uses of CIGS Solar panels-1

A quick guide on uses of CIGS Solar panels

Concerns about global warming and climate change have grown in recent years, owing primarily to hazardous pollution from the use of conventional fossil fuels like coal, crude oil, natural gas to produce our electricity and for our transportation.

Governments and citizens are now taking climate change seriously and taking concrete steps to mitigate it. Solar is a big boon to people across the globe as it is free and clean.

Technology and market is now in such a stage that efficiency of solar panels have improved, easily available and becoming affordable.

Solar industry has done tremendous progress in last one decade due to several factors like government’s policy priorities, fiscal incentives, corporate investment, reduction of system costs, and mass adoption by the communities.  

Solar is booming in the United States. According to the US Government's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, the installed capacity of solar energy in the United States in 2008 was only 800 MW. According to the Washington-based Solar Energy Industry Association, more than 135,000 MW of solar capacity will be installed nationwide by 2022, enough to power 23 million homes.

Though crystalline solar panel is the mainstream technology for harnessing solar power, more efficient and flexible panels like CIGS is also gaining ground now. Flexible CIGS panels very lightweight can be fixed to any kind of surfaces, straight or curved very easily and that saves lot of installation costs. In this article we will introduce you to the various advantages of CIGS panels and its uses in various situations.

  • What And How Is CIGS Solar Panel?
  • Advantages Of CIGS Panels For Home
  • CIGS Panels For RV
  • CIGS Panels For Commercial Applications
  • CIGS Solar Panels For Boat
  • Your Trusted Companion In Camping
  • Summary
  • Frequently Asked Questions 
  • What And How Is CIGS Solar Panel

    What and how is CIGS solar panel

    In CIGS or Copper Gallium Indium Di-selenide solar cells, which are sandwiched between conductive layers is used. Several substrates, including glass, plastic, steel, and aluminum, are well-adhered by this material. CIGS is a next generation solar PV technology and can be deposited on flexible backing like plastic or metal foils enabling 3600 full-panel flexibility.

    These flexible CIGS panels can be easily installed on any flat or curved surface, such as the roof of a car, van, RV, tent, or any type of roof on a house. Apart from your rooftop, these panels can be installed on sun-facing walls and windows on your property. And aesthetically pleasing. BougeRV has made available the most recent advancement in solar cell technology.

    Advantages Of CIGS Panels For Home

    Typically, home is already built and decision to add solar panels comes later. It may be case for you also. In this situation, one needs to install the solar panel as per the existing roof types. Roof types are many, flat slopping concrete roofs, wood roofing, shingles, tiles, or metals.

    The crystalline solar panels are having glass and rigid. They need special types of racking system for each type of roofs. Choosing the right kind of racking for poly or mono crystalline solar panels requires expert knowledge, cumbersome to install, and need to be protected from wind loading.

    Flexible CIGS solar panels from BougeRV are simple to install because they are lightweight and do not require a racking system. Simply peel off the adhesive tape and stick to the roof surface. It is ready to provide free electricity. It's also very visually appealing. As there is no racking system and easy for DIY, it saves lot of money.

    Advantages of CIGS panels for home

    CIGS Panels For RV

    For any RV owners, it is a pain to carry bulky battery and large heavy solar panels while travelling and handling. As the poly and mono crystalline solar panels have glass, there is every chance of breakage. Normally RV owners prefer to go to countryside where road many not be as smooth as in the city. In the rough roads, inside the woods, or in the hilly terrain, it is a risk to carry brittle crystalline solar panels.

    But with lightweight, flexible CIGS panels fits the bill for RV owners. No risk of breakage during travel or handing during camping. Also, CIGS solar panels produce more electricity during the day as it can trap sunlight during the low sunlight during early morning and late afternoon.

    CIGS Panels For Commercial Applications

    Business owners, factory owners, or farmers like the CIGS panels for their commercial applications for its distinct advantages. First, they produce more electricity per day, CIGS solar panels are very appealing for large rooftops such as industrial shade, commercial building roofs, car parking shades, or large utility-scale solar power. Because they can absorb more wavelengths of the light spectrum, CIGS solar panels are more sensitive to light.

    Though slightly more expensive than crystalline solar panels, CIGS solar panels can tape the light early in the morning and late in the afternoon when compared to crystalline solar panels. This gives the CIGS panels an advantage in producing more electricity on any day of the year. Second, the initial installation cost is less as CIGS solar panels do not need special racking system and reduces the skilled manpower cost. 

    CIGS panels for Commercial Applications

    Another intriguing application for flexible CIGS solar panels that is a designer's dream is Building Integrated PV (BIPV). Solar panels are installed as part of the building envelope in BIPV. That is, solar panels are installed as windows, glass facades, and roofs of buildings, and solar panels become part of the building material producing electricity.

    CIGS panels are extremely light and flexible. They can be easily installed on greenhouses. BougeRV's 200W Flexible CIGS panels can be easily installed on farmland's curvy top greenhouses. CIGS panels are semi-transparent and do not completely block light. The plants inside the greenhouse received the necessary amount of light, and you are receiving clean, cheaper electricity. Lightweight CIGS panels are structurally safe and do not place a heavy load on the greenhouse. 

    CIGS panels for Commercial Applications-1

    CIGS Solar Panels For Boat

    Boats are pretty looking and designed to have a fluidic body like any aquatic animal. Round and curvy. So that it can reduce the drag in the water and the wind. Now, the real issue all faces is the putting solar panels for charging batteries.

    Nobody wants to spoil the vacation for shortage of power at the height of anything. Everyone expect to be in order - chilled beverages, cooking stoves and ovens, BBQ grills, and a full-fledged music system while on boat with your family and friend.

    Normal crystalline panels, that are rigid, when installed on the boat roof, looks clunky. Again there is a risk of blown away the rigid solar panel by wind gust. CIGS panel will rescue from this touchy situation. Flexible BougeRV's 200W Flexible CIGS panels can be just stick to the boat body and looks awesome. You can go with the wind. No worry for panel breakage and damage to the boat exterior. 

    Your Trusted Companion In Camping

    Your trusted companion in Camping

    Everybody wishes to escape the monotony of daily life and spend a few days or a week in the wilderness. However, whether you're camping in a tent, motorhome, van, or caravan, having the right gear makes the experience even better. Some essential camping equipment includes lights, an electric heating plate, an icemaker, a portable refrigerator, and unavoidable mobile phone chargers.

    And a solar panel is an important piece of equipment for powering all of your gadgets and electronics. However, extra baggage and heavier materials are a nuisance for campers. As a result, the ability to become lean and mean is critical here.

    Flexible solar panels really fits the bill here. They are lightweight, easy to carry and handle, no risk of panel breakage, and generates more power at the end of the day. BougeRV brings the best CIGS panels in the market.


    As you can see, CIGS solar panels, especially the flexible one has many plus points that cannot be replaced by any panels. It is a real delight to install the flexible CIGS solar panel on any curved surface very easily. It can be installed on any kind of roofs of any kind of house - wood roofing, shingles, tiles, or metals.

    Even on the sun facing walls and windows of a building and generate electricity. It can be installed on the RV, Tent, teardrop, or anything one can think off. There is no fear of panel breaking and easy to carry to any places. And also generate more power than the conventional crystalline solar panels.

    If you are thinking of choosing the right kind of solar panels for your requirement, then please feel free to contact BougeRV here. BougeRV is a leading supplier of CIGS panels and experience personal can help to choose the right one for you. BougeRV has the reputation of understanding client’s requirements and provide effective solutions in the north American market. Just feel free to leave your requirement and our personal will contact you right away.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are CIGS panels for DIY?

    Flexible CIGS solar panels are very easy to install. Just peel the adhesive tape behind the panel and fix it on the surface you want to install. Join the positive and negative cables to the battery controller. It is quick and simple. 

    How CIGS panel saves money?

    CIGS panels save money in two ways. First, it requires no specialized racking system for the roof or the surface on the van, boat, or tent. That saves money and effort.

    Second, CIGS panels generate more energy as it can capture sunlight during the early hours of morning and late afternoon. Therefore, it can generate more power at the end of the day or year. That give more return on investment.

    Table of Contents

    A Quick Guide On Uses Of CIGS Solar Panels