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BougeRV Day is Coming!

BougeRV 6th anniversary

BougeRV 6th anniversary

6 years ago, an engineer founded BougeRV. We’ve strived to stay on top of customers’ needs and create outdoor gear that meets your power needs for outdoors or on the go. Our mission has always been to offer you the comfort and style that you deserve and inspire and empower you to push the limits of your outdoor adventures. 

BougeRV never forget what inspired us. We are still exploring the power trip, and we want to tell you about the stories of the journey.

June 2023

Aspen portable refrigerators launched. Colder, freeze faster, stay cold longer! The refrigerator perfectly fits if one is hunting for something quickly cool and freeze stuff and stay cold longer. And that makes it stand out from competitors.

Rover2000 Semi-solid power station launched. Smaller, safer, higher capacity, and higher efficiency! It uses a cutting-edge battery combining the pros of ternary lithium and lithium iron phosphate battery. The power station caters to customers' increasingly diverse outdoor needs.

March 2023 

We're also committed to giving back to the community. When tornadoes hit Mississippi, small towns were severely destroyed. Once heard the news, we promptly sent portable refrigerators, power stations, and whatever assistance to help people maintain their normal lives amid the disaster. Work with brand partners, the donated goods arrived safely and quickly at local relief agencies. And we were pretty glad to hear that the donated goods greatly help.

July 2022

Flash 300 286Wh Portable Power Station launched. We have thought there is already a certain amount of energy storage stuff, so what else do users really need, and what kind of updates can we make? It occurred to us that in addition to greater capacity, there must be users who buy energy storage to charge quickly; after all, we all want to get all our devices ready before we leave home.

June 2022

CIGS Thin-Film Solar Panel launched. Most of our users are RVs, camping, boats, and other outdoor enthusiasts, although the existing monocrystalline solar panels have been able to achieve the basic electricity needs of users, there are still some RVs such as teardrop, that do not have a large enough space to install solar panels, and this is when CIGS solar panels can do its job. Besides, thin film solar panels are very light, it’s a take-and-go stuff that won’t cause you any burden.

April 2022

1100Wh Power Station launched. After the portable power station was launched, we found the energy-store solution works. At the same time, to supplement the lack of large-capacity products in the energy storage category, we have launched the 1100Wh portable power station. Larger capacity for the long journey you can take.

October 2021

After we launched the 5BB solar panels, we followed up with the 9BB solar panel. This marked the milestone of our first technological update attempt. We converted from 5BB to 9BB and were[became] the first-ever company in the industry to apply the large module PV panel technology to small panels.

July 2021

Solar generator launched. When we figured out the energy source problem, we realized there is still a problem that exists——people need something to store the energy and take the energy to wherever they want. That's why we have decided to make a portable power station. We made it easy to power anywhere our customers go.

November 2020

BougeRV launched the first Portable Fridge in November 2020. We choose portable refrigerators to optimize users' outdoor experience. A portable fridge that can store foods and beverages would be a huge plus to the journey. With the portable refrigerator, you can extend outdoor activities to family gatherings, barbecues, etc.

March 2020

BougeRV launches the first solar panel and chooses a 180W 5BB Solar Panel to take the first cake. This is our first try with DIY solar power on an RV trip. This type of solar panel is the most popular one in the market. Some users use and love our products. And the inspiring comments we received from our customers really help us carry thru the tough times. That's why we continue to pursue a better outdoor experience.

August 2019

After two years of upgrades and development, the official BougeRV website has been greatly enhanced. It allows customers in need to have easier access to us. The first item we sold is RV accessories and roof racks because we found during RV travel, with these accessories, we can upgrade our experience when traveling with RV. Some consumers gave us feedback that their RV experience feels better after purchasing.

August 2017

After 4 months of constant communication with RVers, James got a clear picture of what RV travelers really need for electricity and organized this need and resources into one piece to create the official BougeRV website.

April 2017

James, the founder of BougeRV, went on a wilderness journey and met the French traveler Pierre. Pierre told James, "I really enjoy RV traveling, but the travel experience can really go to the next level if there is a smarter way to supply all the outdoor appliances." Hence, in the same year, James quickly established a brand for outdoor travelers with quality products and power solutions for their appliances. That's how BougeRV was born.


BougeRV has transformed into an energy creation company that produces some of the world's most powerful portable power stations, solar panels, portable refrigerators, etc.

BougeRV will be 6 years old in August and we have a birthday wish—-to continue evolving, innovating, and providing environmentally friendly products that power your life wherever you go and are sustainable for our planet. We keep providing one-stop-shop services.

So, if you are an outdoors lover and believe in the infinite possibilities of solar energy, follow, subscribe, and stay tuned for what's yet to come from We won't let you down, just make the journey with us!

Thank you for your support all the way! 

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BougeRV Day is Coming!