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BougeRV’s Colored Fridge and “JuiceGo” Portable Power Station to Be Unveiled at CES 2024

A young lady camping with a BougeRV pink portable fridge and 240Wh JuiceGo portable power station

A young lady camping with a BougeRV pink portable fridge and 240Wh JuiceGo portable power station-1

Hey there, road-trip-loving beauties, traveling remote workers, and digital nomads! Get ready for some thrilling news:

We're rolling out BougeRV's latest creations—our eye-catching colored fridges & JuiceGo portable power stations are hitting the scene at CES 2024 on January 8 (Media Day) in Las Vegas! Make a beeline and explore the perfect mix of practicality with a dash of flair. 

Keep your eats fresh and icy cold but also brighten up your travel gear—gear up to turn heads! Stay charged with our JuiceGo power stations and knock out tasks at any corner of the world!

BougeRV’s Colored Fridge—My Road, My Rules

Opening up a BougeRV's pink fridge

You confident and daring beauties—free spirits all the way! 

Picture this: You're on a road trip, cruising down an open road in the sweltering summer heat, the vastness of nature unfolding like a reel of freedom, your favorite music setting the tone. But there's only one thing missing—a rapid-cooling fridge as colorful and free-spirited as your wanderlust. Here comes BougeRV's portable colored fridges, where practicality blends with pizzazz!

These colorful fridges are crafted just for your vibe, adding a pop of personality to your road trip with their unique palette: romantic pink that radiates love, energetic and feminine purple, or curious and tranquil green tones. Each hue complements your style and syncs perfectly with your gear and wardrobe. 

BougeRV’s colored fridges are statement pieces that keep your drinks and snacks as fresh as your adventurous lifestyle. They’re your perfect travel companion, bringing the chill without ever cramping your style.

But let's get real—this isn't just about looks!

These portable fridges are as light as a 20lb watermelon and have dimensions of 22.7*12.6*13 inches, fitting perfectly in your car. They cool your goodies in only 16 minutes and go wherever you do, keeping your food and beverages chilled and fresh.

Whether you're hitting the road, taking a break in the shade, driving through the jungle on a hot summer day, enjoying a beach day, or heading out for a campout, there’s nothing like savoring a cold drink.

What else? BougeRV’s colored fridges come with built-in battery protection for peace of mind. Plus, you can hook them up to solar panels, plug them into an AC outlet, or even run them from your car’s battery. So, whatever works for you, you're good to go when it comes to charging. 

Your Road, Your Rules. These fridges make every mile and every stop on your road trip count!

JuiceGo Portable Power Station—Power Any Place, Work at Your Pace

BougeRV’s JuiceGo portable power station charging a Macbook

Now, onto the power player—BougeRV's JuiceGo portable power station. This is a must-have for your mobile office setup, giving you the juice to power your gear when you work remotely in the great outdoors, where the world is your office. Whether you're a traveling remote worker getting your bearings in new places or a digital nomad miles from the nearest outlets, this gadget comes in handy.

Power your work gear anywhere, anytime! Designed to be much lighter and smaller than traditional power stations and their counterparts, the BougeRV 240Wh JuiceGo power station boasts 5 output ports including an AC, three USB, and a cigar lighter output port.

Imagine keeping all your essential devices juiced up—smartphones, Macbooks, tablets, drones, CPAP machines, mini-fridges, lights, and fans, all within arm's reach!

The JuiceGo's iron phosphate heart beats strong, offering over 3500 cycles, and it can power your gear even on the coldest days, down to -18°C. So if you find your battery dying while working in a chilly, snowy place, the JuiceGo has got your back!

Ready for a charge anywhere! Our JuiceGo Power Stations can be recharged using solar panels or an adapter. Alternatively, you can recharge them through the car charging port or the USB input port.

Work at your pace! Whether you're using drones to shoot aerial videos and pictures, setting up a personal mobile office under a tranquil starry night, biking to spots off the map, or working from thousands of feet up in the air… everything gets powered by these small but mighty dynamos.

Oh, and did we mention the price tag? At $199.99, it's a steal. Seriously.

Catch You at CES 2024 for the Grand Reveal!

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BougeRV’s Colored Fridge and “JuiceGo” Portable Power Station to Be Un