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How Does a 12 volt Camping Fridge Work?

How Does a 12 volt Camping Fridge Work?

If you enjoy camping and often go out on weekends, you may want a longer trip far away from the road. Having to constantly buy ice or go to the supermarket on a camping trip can be frustrating, often expensive, and take away from the camping experience. Then you probably thought about getting a 12-volt camping fridge for your caravan. There is no denying the value of a camping refrigerator, especially in the summer months when you need to keep your goods cool.

It is easy to understand how a refrigerator works by using an aerosol can. Do you remember how cool it felt when you took out sunscreen spray? That's because the liquid inside is stored under great pressure. The pressure inside the tank became smaller when pressing the nozzle, and sunscreen spray was extruded. After Panasonic, the pressure in the tank returned to normal.

When you squeeze the liquid out of spray sunscreen, you see some liquid and gas escape into the air. The gas escape is due to contact with the heat outside the tank. Now apply the same principle to refrigerators.


The parts of a fridge you should know

Compressor: The compressor works like the engine of the 12v refrigerator. It is used to supplement energy, and the refrigerant of low temperature and low pressure in the evaporator is compressed into superheated steam of high temperature and high pressure through the steam compressor and then sent into the condenser. Normally, you can find the compressor over the bottom of the 12v portable refrigerator.

Condenser: Condense high-temperature and high-pressure steam into high-pressure liquid at room temperature, releasing much heat. The condenser is usually over the back of the refrigerator, when the compressor release pressure, the condenser releases the heat and expels heat to the outside air.

Expansion valve: As a throttling mechanism in the refrigeration system, the expansion valve is one of the four basic system components necessary to realize the refrigeration cycle. Absorb moisture from freon to prevent ice clogging and filter impurities from the refrigeration system to prevent dirt clogging.

Heat-exchanging pipes: The pipes are the place where exactly the cooling happens. Control freon loop quantity in the refrigeration system; Step-down to ensure that the pressure in the condenser meets the condensing pressure and the pressure in the evaporator meets the evaporating pressure.

Refrigerant: It is the place where the refrigeration system produces the cold quantity, and it is the place where the liquid freon evaporates and vaporizes into gas, absorbing a large amount of vaporization heat.  


What happens when the fridge works?

The compressor fridge works the same as a home fridge. The generator provides mechanical energy and works on the refrigeration system operated by the compressor. The 12-volt RV refrigerators chill your stuff using the first pressurized refrigerant. The pressurized refrigerant heats up, cools, and condenses into a liquid inside a set of cooling fins. The liquid then flows through a little office before evaporating to return to gas.

A refrigerator works by changing the refrigerant circulating through it from a liquid to a gas. You can test the process yourself by applying a drop or two to your skin with some alcohol. As it evaporates, you should feel a chilly sensation - the same basic principle that gives us safe food storage. The refrigeration system uses the principle of absorbing the heat of vaporization when a low boiling refrigerant is evaporated.

The lifespan of the compressor fridge is around 15 years, and it's effortless to use. 91-95% of refrigerators in the world today fall into this category.


Do you really need a fridge when you are camping? 

A camping fridge would be a wise investment if you are the type who is always on the road for days at a time or if you simply prefer cold beverages or fresh foods on road trips. They are practical and can cool food to your needs. It can extend the original trip over the weekend, or it can mean a little longer than the expected holiday. It makes sense to have a refrigerator so that your food does not spoil, especially when ice is hard to find or just melts too fast. 

Is a 12V refrigerator the best for camping?

There are various options when it comes to choosing a camping refrigerator, but at my point, a 12V system is the best option for camping. They are the most portable models that can run even when connected to the car's battery. They are also capable of connecting to a 12v camping solar panel.

What's more, because it working depends on the compressor, it will still work as normal if you tilt it when driving. And it's convenient to carry it everywhere. Just put it beside you when you have a family barbecue and don’t have to walk around.

How much does a 12v refrigerator cost?

If you want to keep your food fresh and cold, while your ice stays frozen on long trips. You’ll definitely want to invest in a true 12v refrigerator. Prices seem to be skyrocketing, but don't let that stop you. For weekend getaways, there are, of course, cost-effective options. Your fridge’s prices typically range from $500 to $2000. The price has such a huge range because it depends on the fridge’s scale, storage capacity, and technology. You can get a decent fridge on BougeRV, we provide you with all types of fridges for you can choose from a short trip to a long trip.

 37Quart portable refrigerator

Elements you need to confirm before buying

There are a ton of options out there that run the gamut of effectiveness and efficiency. With that said, you should choose the one based on your needs.


Before deciding which fridge you will choose as your camping partner, the most critical factor is its portability. After all, this is the toy you might like to take to everywhere you want. BougeRV latest portable refrigerators have a wheel design, that’s why they can be your first choice for camping.


If you decide to take the fridge to the place you go, its durability must have guaranteed. If it's fragile and can't beat the difficulty, it can't be the best partner to conquer the world with you. All of our products are robust and durable. You can take them everywhere you want.


The capacity decides how much food and beverages it can store. The more a portable fridge can hold, stands for it has more ability to be a reliable food-store tool. And it means you can stay outdoors longer. Of course, a small one is more convenient for a short trip. BougeRV has different scales of the fridge to deal with the different outings.


The size of a fridge can determine how long you stay outdoors. The bigger fridge you take, the longer you can stay for your vacation. We usually recommend you a big one for a long trip if you plan to have a family gathering.


Final Thoughts

For your camping vacation, a 12V refrigerator is a terrific addition. Imagine relaxing with friends while enjoying cold drinks on the white sands or going fishing after a long day at sea. You would regret it if you miss taking the 12v camping fridge on vacation. And if you have decided to get one and need any assistance, please contact BougeRV for help.  



Can I have a fridge in a tent?

Unless the tent has a sewn-in groundsheet that can be fully closed, the fridge or other gas appliance must only be used outside in a porch area (and considered fire safety). We also recommend using a carbon monoxide alarm near the appliance for added peace of mind.


Can a solar panel run a camping fridge?

The answer is simple, a solar panel can camping fridge. The solar panel can work for you loyal as long as there has sunlight. You'll be able to use some of the most essential campsite equipment with the help of small solar panels. That also includes your 12v refrigerator.

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How Does a 12 volt Camping Fridge Work?