BougeRV CRPRO20 21 Quart Portable Fridge Cover


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CRPRO20 21 Quart Portable refrigerator Cover


Protects From Scratches, Bumps, and Sunlight Damage: It protects your fridge from getting scratched and damaged. Keep your freezer clean and brand new.

Insulated Interior Layer Helps Saving Power
: The carrying case also keeps your refrigerator insulated if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere on a hot summer day. It is very helpful for keeping the fridge cool which means less power is drawn from your AC outlet and external battery.

Fits Like A Glove:
Perfectly fits BougeRV CRPRO20 21 Quart Car Refrigerator(Black and Grey), easy to put in and put out. Without removing the fridge from the carrying case, you can simply lift the flap and use your fridge.

3 Layers protective materials:
Durable and weatherproof 600D Oxford Cloth: prevent sunlight, dust, scratch, and collision.Thickened pearl cotton: sufficient thickness for insulation. Inner aluminum film: heat insulation, easy to clean.

Excellent Ventilation and Extra Storage Space:
This carrying case features space for air flowing and extra side pockets for AC/DC power cords and the 220WH Portable Power Station. You can also regulate the temp through the transparent area on the case's surface.

BougeRV CRPRO20 21 Quart Portable Fridge Insulated Protective Cover
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