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Best Backup Power for Refrigerators!

Summer camping on the beach with BougeRV’s portable fridge and backup Power for Refrigerators

In the modern world, a refrigerator is more than just an appliance; it's a crucial component of our daily lives. It's where we store perishable food items, helping to keep them fresh and safe from spoilage. However, power outages can strike unexpectedly due to weather events, grid failures, or maintenance issues, leaving us scrambling to save our food from going bad. 

In this blog, we'll discuss the importance of having a backup power solution for your refrigerator and highlight some of the best battery backups on the market.

Best Battery Backup for Refrigerator to Buy

When it comes to choosing the best battery backup for your refrigerator, our curated selection is tailored to meet a variety of needs. At the top of our lineup is the BougeRV ROVER2000 Semi-Solid Portable Power Station 2008Wh, offering an impressive energy reserve that'll keep your foods chilled and safe during extended power outages.

If you seek a balance between capacity and mobility, the BougeRV FORT 1500 LiFePO4 Portable Power Station 1456Wh is a stellar pick. This unit provides substantial power for your fridge while remaining easy to handle.

Our BougeRV FORT 1000 LiFePO4 Portable Power Station 1120Wh caters to smaller households or those with moderate power needs, maintaining essential refrigeration without occupying much space.

For brief power interruptions or compact cooling systems, the BougeRV 220WH Portable Power Station for Fridge is an ideal solution. It's lightweight, highly portable, and perfect for keeping your perishables fresh during short-term blackouts. Whatever your requirements, our range has you covered with the right mix of power and convenience.

  • BougeRV ROVER2000 Semi-Solid Portable Power Station 
  • BougeRV FORT 1500 LiFePO4 Portable Power Station 1456Wh
  • BougeRV FORT 1000 LiFePO4 Portable Power Station 1120Wh 
  • BougeRV 220WH Portable Power Station for Fridge
  • What Is Refridgerator Battery Backup?

    A man and woman camping using BougeRV’s portable fridge, portable power station, and portable solar panels

    A refrigerator battery backup is essentially a portable power station or a battery bank designed to keep your fridge running during a power outage. This device stores electricity and provides power to connected appliances when the main power source fails.

    The refrigerator battery backups come in various sizes and capacities, with some offering enough power to run a refrigerator for several hours or even days, depending on the energy needs of your refrigerator and the storage capacity of the battery itself. They typically feature rechargeable batteries and can be powered up ahead of time, so they're ready to kick in immediately once the regular electricity supply is interrupted.

    Having a refrigerator battery backup is particularly valuable in areas prone to frequent power outages due to extreme weather conditions or unreliable power grids. It's also an excellent resource when you’re living off the grid or wishing to have an extra layer of security in keeping your perishable items cool during unexpected blackouts. With this handy solution, you can maintain peace of mind knowing that one of the key parts of your household—the refrigerator—will remain functional even when the lights go out.

    How Big of a Battery Bank Do I Need to Run a Refrigerator?

    BougeRV’s portable power station and portable fridge for summer camping

    The size of the battery bank required will vary based on the wattage of your refrigerator and the desired backup time. As a rule of thumb, calculate the total watt-hours your fridge consumes per day and then select a battery with at least 20-30% more capacity for optimal performance.

    Refrigerator Types, Wattage, and Energy Consumption

    To choose the right battery backup for your refrigerator, you must understand the energy requirements of your appliance. Below is a chart that outlines common refrigerator types alongside their average wattage and energy consumption.

    Refrigerator Type 

    Avg. Wattage (Running)

    Avg. Starting Wattage (Peak)

    Avg. Energy Consumption kWh/Day

    Mini Fridge 

    50 - 100 Watts 

    200 - 500 Watts

    1.0 - 2.0 kWh      

    Top Freezer 

    100 - 150 Watts   

    300 - 750 Watts

    1.5 - 3.0 kWh          

    Bottom Freezer

    100 - 150  Watts  

    300 - 750 Watts

    1.0 - 3.0 kWh            


    100 - 150 Watts

    300 - 750 Watts

    1.5 - 3.5 kWh   

    French Door    

    120 - 160 Watts      

    360 - 800 Watts

    1.5 - 4.0 kWh

    *Please note that actual wattage and energy consumption can vary based on size, model, and usage patterns.

    How to Choose the Best Battery Backup for Refridgerator?

    Charging a BougeRV’s portable power station via a BougeRV foldable solar panel

    When selecting the best battery backup for your refrigerator, consider the following factors:

    • Power Requirements. Check your refrigerator's wattage rating, usually found on its back or in the manual, to determine how much power it consumes. This will guide you in selecting a battery backup with an appropriate output capacity.

    • Capacity of the Backup Power. Ensure the battery can handle the energy demands of your fridge. The battery's capacity, measured in watt-hours (Wh), indicates how long it can run your appliance. Opt for a backup with enough capacity to keep your fridge running during the average duration of power outages in your area.

    • Battery Type. Look for batteries with lithium-ion technology or lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) as they offer longer lifespans, better energy density, and are generally safer than traditional lead-acid batteries.

    • Output. The power station should have the appropriate output ports and voltage to match your refrigerator.

    • Durability. Look for a well-built unit that can withstand frequent use and potential movement.

    • Safety Features. Ensure the battery backup comes with built-in safety mechanisms to protect against overcharging, short-circuiting, and overheating. These features help extend the life of the battery and safeguard your appliances.

      • Recharge Time. Check how quickly the battery can be recharged, which is important for back-to-back outages. Consider how quickly the backup can be recharged. A faster recharge time means less downtime and more readiness for consecutive power outages.

        • Expandability. Some systems allow for additional battery units to be connected, increasing total capacity. If you anticipate higher power needs in the future, this could be a beneficial feature.

          • Portability. If you plan on using the backup for other purposes like camping and overlanding or need to move it around frequently, consider its size and weight.

            • Warranty and Support: A good warranty signifies the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. Also, responsive customer support can be invaluable for addressing any questions or issues.

              • Cost. While affordability is important, don't compromise on essential features and quality for a lower price. View your battery backup as an investment in protecting your food supplies and consider its value over time.

                • Brand Reputation. Research brands and read consumer reviews to gauge reliability and performance. Established brands with positive feedback are usually preferable.

                No More Fearing of Spoilage!

                Men carrying portable fridges, portable solar panels, and portable power stations heading to the campsite

                With a reliable battery backup, the fear of food spoilage during an outage becomes a thing of the past. You can rest assured knowing your refrigerator has the support it needs to keep running smoothly, protecting your food investments and providing peace of mind.

                Consider investing in a quality battery backup and prepare yourself for any situation, ensuring that your food remains chilled and safe no matter what happens!


                How Do I Keep My Fridge Running During a Power Outage?

                Invest in a quality battery backup power station and ensure it's fully charged before an anticipated power outage. Connect your refrigerator to the power station as soon as the main power supply cuts off. 

                What Portable Power Station Can Run a Refrigerator?

                Portable power stations like the BougeRV ROVER2000, FORT 1500, FORT 1000, and the 220WH model are excellent options for keeping your refrigerator operational during an outage. Make sure to choose one with sufficient capacity for your particular fridge model.


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                Best Backup Power for Refrigerators!