BougeRV’s JuiceGo Portable Power Station for Laptop

Working on a laptop powered by BougeRV's JuiceGo Portable Power Station

Need to turn transit time into productive sessions? 

Tired of the endless search for outlets in coffee shops every time you need to work on the go? 

Are you yearning for an off-the-grid adventure but worried about keeping your iPhone, laptop, or iPad charged?

JuiceGo portable power station is the solution! Whether you're jet-setting across airports or hopping on trains, JuiceGo is the must-have gear for your travels. It transforms any spot into your mobile workspace, so you can crush your tasks without the fear of a dead battery. Stay powered in the wilderness with JuiceGo, ready to send that urgent email or stream your favorite show beneath the stars.

Power Any Place, Work at Your Pace! 

BougeRV’s JuiceGo portable power station running office devices while outdoor camping

Here’s how JuiceGo shines when it comes to charging your laptop: 

Squeeze in some work: Need to sneak in a quick work session? Connect it to your laptop, send off those emails, and finish up tasks—all while soaking in the fresh air. Power any place, work at your pace!

Keep in touch from anywhere: Staying connected with work, friends, and family is a breeze. Even if you're off the grid, JuiceGo ensures your laptop is ready for that video call to share your adventures in real-time.

Chart your next adventure: Deep in the woods and mapping out tomorrow's trek? With JuiceGo, your laptop never runs out of juice, letting you scope out the best trails and monitor the weather without a hitch—or discover nearby attractions.

Shoot and Edit on the Go: Captured some epic views? Don't wait until you get home to start editing. Whip out your laptop, plug into JuiceGo, and begin polishing those shots right by the campfire.

Capture your thoughts in nature: There's something about nature that gets the words flowing. Whether it's blogging or journaling, JuiceGo keeps your laptop powered up so you can jot down every inspired moment.

Unwind under the stars: Those starry nights are perfect for kicking back. What could be better than watching an outdoor movie, jamming to your favorite tunes, or gaming? JuiceGo transforms your laptop into an entertainment hub—no outlet needed!

Discover the great outdoors: Curious about that bird or plant? With JuiceGo, your laptop becomes a wilderness library. Look up facts and learn about your surroundings without worrying about your battery dying...

JuiceGo: Keep Your Laptop Powered Up Wherever You Roam!

Packed with specs ideal for lighter energy needs and tech features that are sure to earn a nod of approval, JuiceGo isn't just about keeping your laptop juiced up—it's about supercharging your digital life, no matter where adventure leads you.

Carry with Ease. Weighing in at only 6.28 lbs, this little gem is the perfect fit for your pack. It's so compact that you'll barely notice it's there until you're in need.

Connect Multiple Devices. JuiceGo's got you covered with 2 USB-C, 1 USB-A, AC, and DC ports, so whether you're charging a MacBook or a gaming laptop while camping, it's all good—plug in and power up!

Extend Your Charge. The JuiceGo has enough juice of 240Wh to power up your laptop around 4 times, and if we're talking about an iPhone 15 Pro Max, you can charge that baby up like 15 times.

Deliver Consistent Power. The JuiceGo portable power stations are real champs, pumping out a steady stream of power that's the same or even more than what your laptop charger asks for.

Rely on Robust Batteries. JuiceGo packs with durable LiFePO4 batteries for lasting power on the go. 

Recharge Anywhere. JuiceGo's all about that solar life! Hook it up to solar panels when you're out working or camping off-grid. Need a quick top-up? Just plug into a wall socket or USB before hitting the trail, or use a car charger on your road trip.

Endure Harsh Conditions. The JuiceGo portable power station sports a rugged design, perfect for powering your laptop outdoors. Its secure seal is a real plus for outdoors.

Get Your JuiceGo Portable Power Station for Laptops Right Away!

BougeRV’s 240Wh JuiceGo portable power station

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