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How many solar cells do I need for my RV ?

How many solar cells do I need for my RV ? - BougeRV

When we talk about RV trailers, we require some good technical information to move forward. Just like other products we buy from the market, we have to specify our requirements to make decisions.

Similar to that case, we have to specify our RV trailer requirements to learn how much solar cell one requires.?

Keep reading as we’re going to start from basics:

  • How does Solar Energy work?
  • How to Manage Solar Cells on Your RV?
  • How many solar cells do you need?
  • The Bottom Line

    How does Solar Energy work?

    To generate and use solar panels in your RV, you have to opt for a complete setup. That complete setup includes:

    Solar Panels

    MPPT Charger Controllers

    Solar Batteries

    The working phenomenon is simple, solar panels take energy straightly from sunlight, charge controllers take that energy and control the currency?to solar batteries. Here, charge controllers are of most importance. If the charge controller is capable of getting batteries charged safely on-time, you’ll have no worries about power in your RV.

    How to Manage Solar Cells on Your RV?

    To manage solar cells on your RV, you just require good products and a bit technical knowledge. The three products we discussed above are what we we require:

    #1. Solar Panels

    Starting with the solar panels that are essential part of any solar power setup, you require some sort of powerful and highly-efficient solar panel. The space is a concern here, too, and you have to watch out for the size before making a purchase.

    Two highly-efficient solar cell chargers are:

    50W Flexible Solar Panel

    This solar panel is fit for any solar system that has lower consumption rates. The consumption should revolve around phone charging, energy-saving lights, low-voltage motors and fans. If the consumption is rightly across, you can go for this flexible solar panel.

    180W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Cell

    Talking about the 180W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Cell which is a huge package for any of your RV power needs. It is highly efficient and has massive strength due to the solid copper fondation add-ons.

    The material used in its construction is corrosion-proof metal which enables it to be placed/mounted on a Rooftop, too. The best part about BougeRV 180 watt monocrystalline solar panel is that it has pre-drilled holes on the back of the panel which allows you to install solar panels without using complex tools.

    #2. ABS Solar Double Cable Entry Gland Box

    ?Avoid making unsightly and potentially leaky cable entries, choose BougeRV solar cable entry box.

    You can use this neat designed product and drill out your cable entry point, and then cover it over giving you two fully waterproof cable gland cable entries that look neat and purpose built.

    Why BougeRV?

    • Tiny gap between for cable gland, NEVER SLIPPERY AGAIN.
    • Equipped with three stainless steel self-tapping screws, easy to install
    • Well-designed product appearance, its curvature can effectively reduce the wind resistance to a certain degree

    #3. Solar Charger Controller

    Just like we have controllers for every gadget we use, solar charge controller are there to help us control the overall functionality.

    When it comes to the best-picks for solar charge controllers, we look at the electrical parameters and specifications. Before you opt-for any local solar charge controller, go for MPPT Charge Controller 40 Amp 12V/24V Auto LCD Display:

    MPPT Solar Charge Controller 40 Amp 12V/24V

    BougeRV has came up with a controller that got everything you need to get started. The controller guarantees significant improvement in solar energy conversions.

    The package includes a 40A MPPT controller, an LCD screen to learn about the statistics and a user manual that is a straight forward guide to installation.

    The overall design is rigid and you can use it in crucial weathers, too. It also offers electronic protection against reverse polarity, overcharging, over-discharging, short-circuiting, overload, and reverse current.

    How many solar cells do you need?

    You can check the amount and power of appliances. Here is a chart about relationship of solar power and appliances.

    The Bottom Line

    Lastly, we have batteries that you can purchase from any authorized manufacturer. As you go through these three equipments, you’ll find out how much solar cell you require for my RV trailer. After all, it all depends on the requirements you specify.

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    How many solar cells do I need for my RV ?