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RV solar panel installation guide for beginners

RV solar panel installation guide

Many RVers have concluded that the electricity on RV is getting less because of today's advanced technology; when we travel, we carry a large number of electronic devices in the RV, resulting in more and more places where electricity is used. Lack of electricity has become a pain point for many RVers, So many people find installing a solar panel on an RV is an excellent solution to solve this problem. 

You can see many folks love to take a solar panel with them when traveling. So, are solar panels a good choice for you? For a beginner, you may be confused about an RV solar panel, how it works, how to install it, and whether it's worth it to install? Here is some information for you to reference.

 RV solar panel install

Things you need to know before a solar panel installation. 

What is an RV solar panel, and how an RV solar panel works?

RVs use solar energy mainly by absorbing sunlight through solar panels laid on the roof and then converting it into AC power for daily use through inverters. The direct voltage of solar output is generally 12V-24V in order to provide electrical energy for house-used electrical appliances, converting the DC power generated by the solar power generation system into AC power through an inverter is necessary.


Components are required for a successful RV solar installation. 

The solar panel installation is the most complicated part of the RV solar panel installation. The wiring must be in line with the RV's current system. You should follow all guidelines and follow the instructions to ensure proper installation. 

Some of these components include panels, batteries, and monitors. The charge controller and inverter are also necessary for the proper operation of the RV. 

For a beginner, the Solar Starter Kit is an intelligent choice. It includes:

  1. Solar panel(the amount all depends on you)
  2. Solar charge controller
  3. Solar extension cable
  4. Copper tray cable
  5. Bracket mount kits

 Solar system


What numbers of Solar Panels do You Need For Your RV

You need to consider three conditions when you decide how many solar panels you need. 

  1. What appliances to power up and the power it needs.
  2. The wattof your solar panel. 
  3. Measure your roof and the available space up there for solar panels.

You should calculate all these elements when selecting your ideal solar panel. Usually, the amount of solar panels arrange from 2-6 pieces. Thus, a suitable solar panel won't waste your extra power and reach cost-efficiency to give you an extraordinary travel experience. What's more, you should take roof vents and aerials into consideration.


Do it by yourself or ask others for help.

An RVer can install RV solar panels to save money on their electrical bill. A solar panel you decide to install must be suitable for no matter what your RV model or budget. So there are so many elements you need to consider. You can choose to install it by yourself with video guidelines or ask a professional worker to help. BougeRV is providing 1 on 1 service now, you can contact us freely at any time.

If the economic conditions permit and time is sufficient, we recommend you can find an install worker, and let them come to your house to help.

If you decide to do it by yourself. A solar kit will come with installation instructions. It is essential to read the instructions thoroughly and follow them step by step. You may need a guide that will help you install your solar panel.

The installation manual should be useful. It includes information about the type of roof on your RV and the location of the battery bank. When installing a solar kit, be sure to follow the installation manual to ensure that you don't damage the panels. Then, it would help if you run wires from the panels to the charge controller. If you plan to install a solar panel in your RV, be sure to consult the manufacturer's instructions. They can provide you with all the needed information for a successful and safe installation. This way, you'll be able to avoid burning your entire RV for incorrect installation.

 Solar Rv System Installation guide


Install guideline

If you choose to install the solar panel by yourself,you can follow the brief guide behind. If your solar panels are not properly mounted, you will find that they don't produce enough energy. Your RV lighting fixtures will also dim. Remember to ask BougeRV team if you face some troubles.

You should first install the solar panel on your RV roof.The panels must be installed in a close location to the battery. The controller and fuses must be placed near the battery to prevent power loss. 

The next step in RV solar panel installation is to connect the solar panels to the existing wiring in your RV. You should also make sure that you use a charge controller compatible with your new system. A solar charge controller will connect your batteries and the solar panels. Once the discussions have been mounted, you should connect them to the charge controller. When wiring the solar panels, you should cover them with a plastic sheet or cardboard to protect them. 

Once the panels are installed, the RV solar panel installation process is relatively easy. Once you have completed the entire installation, you should test it for proper functionality. The solar inverter converts the DC output of the PV panel to AC. The AC output of the solar inverter can be transmitted to the electrical network of the mobile home.

Apart from the inverter, you should also install a panel mount, which will make your solar panels absorb more sunlight. A solar mount is a critical piece of equipment for an RV solar installation. Moreover, it will help you keep the RV at a level that can be used for long periods.

After installing your RV solar panel system, you should ensure that they are correctly mounted and protected. A solar charge controller can be built into the electrical system of your RV, making them less likely to be stolen. 

A quality RV solar system should support all of the appliances you need. The power generated by the solar panels should be sufficient for your house's needs. You should also consider the maintenance of the system after installing your RV solar panels. Then, it would help if you thought whether it is necessary to hire a professional to install a new RV solar controller. Usually, overheating results from overloaded terminals or overheated panels, but this can also happen if you have improper wiring or a poorly installed system. If you have questions, contact the manufacturer of your RV's solar panel. You can contact our BougeRV team once you have questions. We will provide help as we can.


 installing your RV solar panel system


Are Install RV Solar Panels Worth It?

If you reside at a campground or RV base, investing in a solar system may not be worthwhile, for there have electrical hookups to power your RV and your various devices and appliances.
However, if you want the power right in your hand, it will be worth buying it! If you like to stay in areas with no electrical hookups — beaches, parks, the desert, a solar panel system will improve your RV life experience.

Expect for the crystalline solar panel, we also recommend the CIGS solar panel to install on your RV. It's both convenient to install on any surface of your RV to absorb the sunlight and lightweight not to hurt anyone. Only tear the tape on the back and the CIGS solar panel can work for you. If you meet any problems when purchasing solar panels. Please contact BougeRV at any time.


In Conclusion

Solar panels are a remarkable achievement of renewable energy! No matter a flexible one or a crystalline one. It's your choice to decide whether install a solar panel on your roof or not. It allows you to go anywhere, and no need to worry about how much power the battery left. And it's the backup when your house power fails. If you choose and use them properly, it will give your life convenience.

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RV solar panel installation guide for beginners