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Are Portable Solar Panels A Good Choice for Traveling and Camping? 

Are Portable Solar Panels A Good Choice for Traveling and Camping? 

Maybe you want to have a family trip, or you are willing to go camping by car. Why not try to have traveling or camping with a portable solar panel? One of the best things to improve your go-out experience is taking a solar panel with you for needing more electricity to cost. It can increase the available electricity. Don't overthink; ride the car and escape to wildness.

We have many solar panels options for camping, a conventional one to install on your RV roof, and a portable panel that is easy to use. Some portable rv solar panels come with a stand, making installation a breeze. So, if you choose to begin an off-grid trip, can portable rv solar panels be a good helper for you?

What are portable solar panels?

The working principle of portable solar panels is similar to the solar panels installed on your home roof, but portable ones are designed to be moved to different locations. You can also use them freely while traveling and camping. They don't need to be installed or can only be put on the roof; portable solar panels can just be put on nearby you anywhere.

Compared to traditional options. You can benefit from solar energy when far away from inaccessible places. For they can provide enough energy to power many devices, portable solar devices are an excellent way to use the sun's natural energy to meet your mobile power needs during camping, hiking, or long-distance travel.

How do portable solar panels work for your trip?

Portable solar panels are made of silicon which contains positive and negative layers. Light passes through them and releases photons, which generate an electric field. They absorb the power from the sun and transform power into electricity. The panels are easy to install, and most models have an extended cable, which will allow you to mount them in either the shade or the sun.


Portable solar panels are made to meet people who need more electricity. Compared to other solar panels, the portable solar panel is more convenient to move everywhere. Especially a 9BB solar panel, while ensuring quality, it has the ability to efficiently store current. A smaller shadow area that led to a larger area to collecting sunlight.

Are Portable solar panels worth it?


The portable solar panel comes in various designs and price ranges. A folding suitcase solar panel is often used as a power source during a camping trip or outdoor adventure. It is an effective alternative to a noisy generator and is an excellent alternative for outdoor activities. These electrical currents can then be used to power electronics and other electronic devices.

These off grid solar power systems are beneficial if you plan to spend a lot of time traveling and don't want to leave your campsite without electricity. Now the 9BB solar panel can provide the latest technology to make your solar panels more efficient.

off grid solar power systems

Where to mount the solar panel?

Portable solar panels can be placed everywhere for your convenience. For example, if you plan to go camping, the panels can be placed near your camp spot.

The board forms a right angle with the sunlight is the perfect angle that can receive the most sunlight, portable solar panel usually with a bracket to adjust for the best angle.

They must be adapted to receive direct sunlight for most of the day to get more electricity. The less shadow covers the solar panel, the more electricity solar panels produce.

If you plan to use them while traveling in the wilderness, you should consider taking a solar panel with you. This is ideal for outdoor use, as it can be installed in any place.

Advantages of portable solar panels

A decision to camp off-the-grid, far from the services and amenities found at RV parks or developed campgrounds. Although it still faces the problem of lack of electrical power to maintain the appliances when you away from traditional generators, there are still some reasons to select it as our tool away from secular:

  • Portable solar panels can be moved around to receive more sunlight better. Even if the shadows obscure your camp, you do not need to worry that the sunlight is not enough.
  • Portable solar panels with brackets and adjustable. You can improve this by placing them in direct sunlight with the help of an extension cable. You can also periodically reposition the portable panels to face the sun as it moves across the sky during the day.
  • Portable solar panels are easy to install anywhere you want to go. That's why it's great for travelling and camping.
  • Portable solar panels it allows you to operate without having to spend extra money. This is better than the alternatives: buying expensive fuel for the generator or paying to get electricity to charge the batteries.
  • Portable solar panels are much quieter than noisy gas generators and they are environmentally friendly compared to other exhaustible energy sources such as fossil fuels.

So if you love to enjoy the beautiful destination more peacefully, it will be the best choice. BougeRV portable solar panel will be the best solar panel for RV not only for its high efficiency but also for its convenience to take, which makes your travel more accessible than you think.

What Elements need to care


After reading the above, you might think a portable solar panel is worthy and want to pick one in the cart. Here're some tips for you to reference.

The first thing you should think about is your need for a solar panel. The module you pick should depend on your requirement. The watt or material is all different,  and you should choose one suit for your using appliance. For a short trip, you would not like to take a 1000W with you; it's too heavy and unnecessary.

The next thing you need to consider when purchasing portable solar panels outdoors is the quality.


These panels are likely to be placed on the ground or grass, which means they must be sturdy and durable. Ensure that the solar cells are made of suitable material, as poor quality can lead to expensive repairs and damages. It will also affect your conversion efficiency. We recommend a 9BB solar panel rather than a 5BB solar panel for its lower lost rate and lower power consumption. Besides, the resistance has been reduced, and it will prolong the panels' lifespan. That's why we choose 9BB technology for most of our products.

In addition, you should consider durability.

If you plan to use the panels while traveling, they should be a weather-resistant and water-resistant model, as these will save you a lot of time and money. You can consult the BougeRV professional customer service team Once you meet some problems. If you want to maintain it yourself, you can even wash them with soap and water if they are exposed to moisture. This will prevent them from discoloring and help them absorb heat.

Next, the price also needed to be put in mind. 

The price range of these portable solar panels will depend on your budget, appliances, and electronics wattage. Depending on your need, they can be used in the positions and anywhere you want; they are the best choice for camping or hiking.

Last is the lifespan of a solar panel.

Usually, a solar panel can last over 15-20 years. You can easily prolong the outdoor portable solar panels' lifespan by changing them. A movable solar panel is recommended. Most portable solar panels for RVs are designed to be used in various situations.

portable solar panels for RVs

In Conclusion


The best portable solar panels for your traveling and camping must be suited for the versatile option of outdoor life. The type of solar panels you choose must work for your need and using scenarios; it also depends on the usage period. The longer you want to not rely on the generator or electricity hookups, the larger watt you should prepare.

If you're going to live in RV forever, maybe buying higher watts and fixing them on the roof is a better choice. If you're traveling with an RV, these are flexible, lightweight, and durable and are great for hiking or camping in the shade. If you're the one who loves traveling and camping, get the portable solar panel right now!

BougeRV has carefully selected different types of solar panels for you! And we provide 1 - on - 1 service to meet your every need. As a solar system expert, We are committed to making solar panels beneficial for everyone.

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Are Portable Solar Panels A Good Choice for Traveling and Camping?