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    Why Choose BougeRV Rigid Solar Panels?

    Buying the wrong panels costs you ten times their price. You can now get the most lightweight, high-efficiency, affordable, and durable BougeRV rigid solar panels in various watts for RVing, camping, boating, and home.

    High Efficiency, Never Too Late To Fully Charge

    BougeRV's rigid solar panels are our most efficient type of solar panel. With conversion rates of up to 23%, these units ensure you get every watt you pay for. They can quickly charge your batteries and power stations in warmer months or winter.

    Lightweight Rigid Solar Panels

    BougeRV rigid solar panels combine light anodized aluminum frames and tempered glass that resist weather, bend, and scratches. Weighing 13.2lb-36.9lb, they’re easy to carry and mount on vehicle roofs or houses.

    Aren't as Expensive as You Think

    BougeRV rigid 9BB monocrystalline solar panel price starts at less than $150. Super rugged with efficient power generation, the panels are value-for-money investments in solar energy.

    Durable, Last 25 Years

    Featuring durable construction, protected by heavy-duty glass casings and anti-corrode anodized aluminum frames, the Monocrystalline solar panels are permanent solutions for off-grid camping and residential use, lasting up to 25 years with proper care.

    Different Wattages for RVs, Boating, and Home

    Create solar systems in different watts or expand that for off-grid camping or residential use without going elsewhere. Owning a 100W, 200W, or 400W rigid solar panel or properly mixing them up can power your devices and appliances off-grid or on-grid.

    Waterproof: Don't get damaged by water during rainy days, car camping, and boating.
    Low-Profile: Fit seamlessly for any home and RV style with the all-black or classic design.
    Safe To Use: Develop less heat generation because of the air gap between the panels and the surface.
    12-Year Warranty: Save your money and effort for the rigid solar panels have a 12-year product warranty.

    Fit for Multiple Applications

    Installed on RV roofs and any flat surfaces, the solar panels efficiently generate electricity for your recreational RV and boats, camping, homes, sheds, and gates…to power your devices and appliances.

    Rigid Solar Panels for RV

    Lightweight, efficient, and durable, BougeRV rigid solar panels quickly charge your batteries and power your RV for days. Go for the rigid panels if you use solar energy daily for full-timing in an RV. They are permanent solutions if you want to invest in solar for the long run.

    Rigid Solar Panels for Boats

    Best choice for boat owners looking for permanent installations to power vessels. Mounted directly on the boat's surface, they efficiently harvest solar power. Popular 100W rigid marine solar panels or space-saving 400W panels, they greatly fit your sailboats, boat camping, houseboats, and more extended marine activities.

    Rigid Solar Panels for House

    Durable and high-efficiency, monocrystalline panels are the best types for house and commercial use. With 5 peak sun hours a day, about sixteen 400W solar panel is enough to power a 2,000 square foot home that consumes 22.4~32 kWh daily.

    Flexible Solar Panels vs. Rigid

    Price: Rigid solar panels are usually less expensive.
    Efficiency: Rigid solar panels have a higher efficiency rating, making them ideal for helping charge large devices.
    Durability: With frames, glass shields, and brackets protecting rigid solar panels from rains, snowfall, and strong wind, they are better suited for permanent solutions.
    Lifespan: Rigid solar panels have a longer life span than flexible solar panels.
    Flexibility: Rigid solar panels are stiff to the touch, while flexible solar panels can be bent.
    Mounting spots: Rigid solar panels are mounted on flat surfaces. Flexible solar panels fit for curved and flat roofs and cabs.

    How Many Solar Panels Do I Need? You Can Do the Math Now!

    1. How Big Of a Solar Panel Do I Need for an RV?

    BougeRV 100W-400W rigid solar panels are typical for RVs, and an RV consumes less than 200 kWh. Thus, if an RV needs 180kWh/month, it requires six 200W or three 400W solar panels or other power output combo that meet the energy demand. When on cloudy days, we suggest going for a higher capacity.

    2. What Size Solar Panel to Charge 12V 100ah Battery?

    100W BougeRV rigid solar panel can fully charge your 12V 100Ah battery in around 12 hours. (100Ah*12V/100W=12). And a 200W solar panel can charge your 12V batteries in around 7 hours. While a 400W solar panel charges your solar in 3 hours.

    3. What Size Solar Panel to Charge a 12V 20Ah Battery?

    400W solar panel can charge your 12V 20Ah battery in just around 36 minutes.

    4. How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

    If you are living in a city that has 5 hours of average sunshine daily over a year, check the following chart and quickly know how many solar panels you need roughly for 500kwh, 1000kWh, 2000kWh, 2500kWh, or 4000kWh per month.

    Rigid Solar Panels